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Learn what you want, how you want

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Our Lab Platform offerings includes playgrounds, Projects, Tasks, Assessments, Grading, Virtual Class Rooms and customized Learning Path.

K-12 Computer Science Framework

It aims to ensure that students receive a well-rounded education in computer science that prepares them for future careers and equips them with essential skills in a technology-driven society.

Essential Knowlege of Computer Science

These areas represent a foundational understanding of computer science, but the field is continuously evolving with new technologies and advancements.

PRACTICE - Key Actions, Processes

Practicing these reference and sample codes regularly helps solidify practical skills, and prepares individuals for real-world applications within the diverse realms of computer science.


Learn new skills through practice on hundreds of different simulated working environments.

As computing has become an integral part of our world, public demand for computer science education is high. Most parents want their child’s school to offer computer science.

  • Evaluate Students’ Growth
  • Lifetime Access
  • Remote Learning
  • Self Development
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Digilabs can help fill the gap in digital learning.

In today’s classrooms, most students are equipped with personal mobile devices like tablets, iPads or Chromebooks to learn and work. This new era of BYOD (bring your own device) is undoubtedly changing the way traditional computer labs function and has many educators and administrators questioning the need for lab space at all - even declaring it obsolete.